About Us

Blue Camel was originally inspired by long hikes in the Jebel Nafusa mountains of Northwestern Libya, when the Blue Camel founder spent a lot of time admiring (and purchasing!) the local pottery dotted around the small town of Gharyan.


What if, she thought, I could bring all these treasures that I am so lucky to come across in my (sometimes unusual) trips, back to the UK for others to enjoy too? What if I could not only cheer up some British homes, but also help local communities and entrepreneurs develop more income too? And what better way to do that than through a free flow of trade, purchasing items at fair local values and delivering unique yet affordable items back home?


In 2012, she took a year off her day job and returned to some previously spottedĀ locations, finding local artisans, re-kindling existing connections and even setting up a candle workshop.

This shop, an international marketplace, is the result of this ongoing passion for good quality, stylish, sometimes personalised and often unique, objects for the home.