RANA-Rescue Animals of North Africa

RANA – Rescue Animals of North Africa was set up in November 2013 to support animal rescue efforts in Libya and Tunisia.

Often, animals cannot be rehomed locally as they are too ill, or disabled, and cannot access the right level of medication and veterinary care in North Africa.

Other times, some dogs and cats are subject to cultural prejudice, such as black cats bringing bad luck (which leads to many cases of torture) and the beautiful white street dogs being beaten or used as bait in dog fights.

RANA aims to raise the funds necessary to rehome some of these difficult cases in Europe, in order to give them a real chance of a happy life in a loving family.

Blue Camel supports these aims wholeheartedly, having witnessed some of the appalling cases of abuse ourselves. We will regularly feature items that will help raise funds for RANA.


RANA currently needs help building a website and would happily accept a donation of your time&skills for this.

If you might be interested in fostering or adopting a dog or cat rescued from North Africa, please contact RANA on info@ra-na-.com

Follow their progress on: www.facebook.com/RANA.rescues