Foutas from Tunisia

We stumbled upon these beautiful versatile foutas when rescuing some dogs in Tunis, and couldn’t choose which ones to buy…so just bought them all!

Foutas are traditional Tunisian bath towels originally used after Hammam baths. For modern purposes they have multiple uses in outdoor and indoor lifestyle living. Use as a stylish table cloth, bed throw or sofa cover. When outdoors, stand out from the crowd by using one as a beach towel or picnic blanket. Or simply wrap it around you as an eye-catching alternative to a sarong.

Foutas also make ideal lightweight travel towels.


Foutas used to traditionally be made by sewing together rectangular patches of cloth. Mechanical looms are now used in their workshops, and the addition of details such as the tasseling to each and every towel is still done entirely by hand.

Fouta production is fairly labour-intensive and so every fouta you purchase will help a local community in a struggling country.